Diana Hunts Ltd., a Hungarian hunting agency, was established in 1991. In the past 24 years the company has organised countless successful hunts for Western European and North American sportsmen and sportswomen.


The goal of our dynamic company is to organise all inclusive hunting trips to Hungary according to the individual needs of our customers. From individual red stag hunting to driven pheasant shoots for groups of 12 people, our more than 24 years of experience is there to help a hunter’s dream come true.

We select the best hunting grounds and accomodation in order to maintain our business motto:

“Quality not Quantity!”


If you as individual or as a member or leader of a group are interested in a quality shoot in Hungary, Diana Hunts will be happy to complete all the necessary work for an extraordinary hunt from your arrival to the country until your departure. Feel free to contact us!

Agnes Simonides, Director/European Operations Dora Szent-Ivanyi

Agnes Simonides
Director/European Operations

Dora Szent-Ivanyi

Jack J. Jansma
US Partner